Pacemaker Clinic

Mid-Florida Cardiology Specialists provides an arrhythmia clinic to our patients with implanted pacemakers and defibrillators. Our specialized clinics are fully devoted to the treatment, evaluation and monitoring of heart rhythm conditions. The clinics utilize a computerized database and medical equipment to assure exceptional and advanced patient care. We have the ability to assess appropriate function, test generator and lead integrity, extract diagnostic information, assess battery status, and determine elective replacement time. Any changes that are necessary to ensure proper functioning of the device can be programmed into your device at time of the appointment. Under the directorship of Dr. Peter D. Taylor and Dr. David Bello, the clinic assures that appropriate follow-up and monitoring are maintained after the completion of electrophysiological procedures and pacemaker or defibrillator implantation.

Our clinics provide the following services to our patients:
• Transtelephonic (telephone) pacemaker monitoring
• Carelink Service for online defibrillator checks
• 24-hour holter monitors and interpretation
• 30-day event monitors with 24 hour monitoring
• Tilt table testing for evaluation of syncope (“passing out”)

We provide an arrhythmia clinic in each of our three office locations in a comfortable and caring environment. The clinics are comprised of highly trained Electrophysiologists, Registered Nurses and Cardiovascular/Pacemaker Technicians providing continuity of care and exceptional patient service.