Financial Policies

Billing for Diagnostic Testing in the office:
Because your physician’s clinic and testing facility is owned by Orlando Health, the hospital bills a “facility fee” for each visit to the outpatient clinic (diagnostic testing). You will receive a bill from the hospital for the facility fee. This fee covers the cost of the clinic space, supplies and other items. However, you will also receive a separate bill from the physician. The physician’s fee includes the physician’s time and services for the interpretation of testing performed in the clinic. In addition, the physician may refer you for other services operated by the hospital, such as laboratory and x-ray. The bill for additional services performed will be billed through Orlando Health. The hospital and the physician will both bill your insurance provided your insurance information is current. In addition, all charges must be submitted to your insurance as outpatient hospital services and not as an office visit for any diagnostic performed in the office.

Billing for Diagnostic Testing in the office:
All office visits and Coumadin checks will be billed through Orlando Health Physician Partners for services rendered. This will be a separate bill for the services rendered by the physician or allied staff.  Co-Pays: If your insurance plan requires a co-pay for outpatient hospital clinic visits, please be prepared to pay at the time of your visit.

Based on the Insurance Plan, since the Outpatient Clinic is a Hospital Department, you may be responsible for paying a higher out-of-pocket amount which will include your deductible and/or co-insurance. Please make sure to contact your Insurance Plan prior to the appointment so that you are aware of your plan’s hospital deductible and/or co-insurance. Since Insurance Plan deductibles and co-insurances vary in price, it is extremely important for you to contact your insurance company prior to your visit.  In addition, we will assist in providing an estimate out of pocket if applicable.

If your insurance plan requires a written referral from your primary care physician, you must bring it with you or have it sent to our office prior to your visit. Without it, your appointment may have to be rescheduled. If you have any questions regarding your hospital charges or you need an itemized statement, you may call patient billing office at 407-650-3800. If you have any questions regarding the physician charges, please call your physician’s billing agent at 321-841-3900. 

We look forward to continuing to provide you our same excellent services as affiliates of Orlando Health.